One of those days…

It’s been one of those days.

You know, “those days.”

One of “those days,” when you wake up early to start the week off right and enjoy a beautiful quite time with the Lord. Then, so as not to waken your oldest child who went to bed last night with a 101 degree fever, you quietly prepare for a day at work, two jobs that is, and sneak out the back door. You kiss your husband goodbye and pull out of the driveway.

One of “those days,” when only a few short minutes away from your home you are pulled over by a police officer for expired tags. Does it matter that you already paid the DMV and are still waiting for tags? No. It doesn’t. You still get a fix it ticket. But at least the officer is nice. Until that is, upon your arrival at work, you come to realize their is an animal cookie stuck to the roof of your car just above the driver’s side window. Nice cop? Nope. He was just amused at the rhinoceros staring at him.

One of “those days,” when after just an hour at job #1, you have to rush to job #2, only to arrive late. And two hours later, to return to job #1, just to get stuck in 20 extra minutes of traffic.

One of “those days,” when after you think you’ve survived your day at work, you come home and enter into the front door to the greeting of your middle child, now with a 100 degree fever, vomiting all over the living room floor, just inches away from the giant bowl that her father had placed there for this very reason. Into the peppermint bubble bathtub, while mommy makes a list of all the ingredients she will need to purchase at the grocery store to make a much needed pot of homemade chicken noodle soup for her sick kiddos. Oh, and of course, husband is starting to feel sick too.

One of “those days,” while after shopping for an hour at the grocery store–which is always an adventure in itself, especially with a growing 1 year old who likes to make her presence known to all who pass by, can climb out of the cart, and enjoys grabbing every item out of your purse and dropping it on the grocery store floor, so as to force you to re-trace your steps down the aisles when you can’t find your keys, your coupon book, or your cell phone–you return home to two completely exhausted and worsening older children.

One of “those days,” while trying to unpack the groceries, grill the chicken, cut the fresh veggies, boil the broth, and draw another peppermint bubble bath for the oldest child who is almost delirious from fever, your 1 year old decides to open the bottom cupboards in your kitchen, remove all of your trays, bowls, and jars, and then waddle her way into the entryway of the home where she proceeds to smash a mason jar into tiny shards of glass all over the tile. Perfect.

One of “those days,” when you have to carry both of your oldest children to the table and convince them to open their eyes just long enough to scoop a few bites of hot chicken noodle soup into their mouth–filled with chicken, whole wheat noodles, bok choy, ginger, basil, parsley, celery, carrots, onions, and garlic. Everything wonderful for healing and fever reducing.

One of “those days,” when after encouraging your oldest child to take just one more bite and sip some broth, she thanks you by vomiting all over her bowl of chicken noodle soup and across the dining room table. Daddy and your middle child quickly leave the table so as not to succumb to sympathy vomiting from the smell. Weaklings.

One of “those days,” when mommy must clean and disinfect the  table, return the oldest child to the bathtub, and start the first of many loads of laundry for the night. The dishes must be cleaned and the kitchen counters wiped down. The floor must be swept and mopped. The children must be put to bed. So, after prayers, songs, a kiss on the forehead goodnight, and three extra diaper changes for your 1 year old who now has diarrhea (of course), you return to the kitchen to finish your chores.

One of “those days,” when at 11:00 o’clock at night, you finish jarring the remaining chicken noodle soup, because Lord knows, no one in the family is going to be interested in chicken noodle soup for at least a few days.  There is just something about ginger, noodles, and bok choy coming back into the bowl that causes one to lose an appetite for soup.

And one of “those days,” when you finally sit down at 11:30 and enjoy a whole wheat english muffin, because you are still hungry after your interrupted dinner, and a glass of orange juice with a handful of vitamins, because YOU don’t want to get sick.

Yes. It has been one of “those days.”

But what do you do? Breathe. Thank God for the blessings. And prepare your heart for tomorrow… which could very well be another one of “those days.” The adventure awaits.



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