Kaycee Grey…One Month


Our precious baby girl, Kaycee Grey, is one month old today. She has grown so much in just a short few weeks and we are totally in love with her. Although she is still waking up and experiencing life, there are a few wonderful characteristics that we have learned about our Baby K…

She falls asleep in the sun and loves to bake.

She doesn’t like to ride in the car or her stroller, which makes running errands very difficult.

She loves to listen to lullaby renditions of Aerosmith and Journey.

She likes to listen to Sadie Rose sing to her.

She is sometimes confused by Daddy but finds comfort and security in his arms.

She is a schedule girl and is always ready for her nap right on time.

She finds most comfort on her mommy’s shoulder, with her knees tucked under her like a little ball.

And she is very squishy and very cute.

We love you Kaycee. Happy birthday.

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