Happy Birthday to My Hubby…

On the streets of Korea…

In following the tradition of Super Woman Syndrome, it is time for me to say another Happy Birthday to someone I love dearly…someone I love more than any person in this world…my hubby…Kristopher!

Kristopher Gilbert Davidson…born October 29, 1980…is truly the greatest blessing that I have ever received from the Lord. He is my rock, my wisdom, my guidance, my joy, my love! Yes, Kristopher, I love you!

I love you because you care for our family–emotionally, financially, spiritually…and by fixing EVERYTHING in our home…including your broke down truck!

I love you because you make me laugh and are willing to be silly…even in public.

I love you because you aren’t afraid to stand up for what is right and what you believe in, teaching our children every day the difference between right and wrong.

I love you because you value more than anything the studying of God’s Word and the importance of teaching others, including our children, the treasure that it is.

I love you because you are firm and decisive, yet gentle, understanding, and always ready to listen.

I love you because you are creative–technically, electronically, in playing with our girls, while cooking in the kitchen, and while dreaming of what’s to come.

I love you because you don’t give up. You have taken on perhaps the most difficult of tasks by going back to school, and you have never given up–even in the midst of Greek!

I love you because you help our whole family remember what is most important in life–our growth in the Lord.

I love you because you help me to be a better wife, mother, and more importantly, a better woman in the Lord.

Kristopher, I love you. Happy Birthday!

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