Dad, Here’s To Adventures…

Dad and I at the Berlin Wall, May 2005

You would be 68 years old today. So young. But today, instead, you celebrate your re-birth with the Lord! Your earthly birthday matters not, for you are in the presence of a heavenly God, and you rejoice with the angels for the day that you were born again so long ago.

But here, I celebrate your birthday…for without it, I would not have had you in my life. (Well, to be quite literal, I would not HAVE life…minor detail).

Dad, Happy Birthday to You!

Last night, the tears came as I thought of you and the wonderful man that you were, and even in your absence, continue to be in the lives of so many, including myself. Your pictures fill our home and I see your gentle smile every day. But perhaps the most precious of those photos are those from our incredible trip to Poland, Czech Republic, and Germany. What an adventure!

The picture above was taken at our last day in Berlin. We had decided to wear our “What’s a Pryfogle?” shirt in hopes that a random German would walk up to us and give us the answers to all life’s mysteries. No luck. But we still had fun, and we sure did get a lot of weird looks. But for me, this photo is a wonderful memory of learning, growing, laughing, and having, yes, an awesome adventure.

Yes, Dad, life with you was an adventure–always choosing the long way to drive so that we didn’t miss the historical landmarks along the scenic route; jumping on a plane to N.C. to surprise Austin in her Jr. High play while wearing a full tuxedo; moving to Dos Palos…well, enough said; traveling to Europe; and in later years, you traveling to Korea TWICE to celebrate the birth of Sadie Rose and my graduation. You were up for it all! Thank you Dad, for never missing an opportunity–for being at every performance, every game, and every life event. You never missed an adventure.

I love you Dad, and I miss you. But I know that today, you are having truly the best adventure of all. And some day, I will join you. Oh, what an adventure that will be!

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