Unglued…The Beginning

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you were so frantic to get the kids ready for school, lunches packed, backpacks packed, and yourself ready for work, that you washed your face with your glasses on?!?! Yes? No? Anybody with me on this one? Ok, maybe I’m all alone with the face washing and glasses on, but I know that most mother’s, especially those of us working mothers, can relate to these hectic mornings. And this was how my week started. Well…kinda started.

It really started early Monday morning with a wonderful cup of coffee, my Bible, my journal, and the first chapter of Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst. My sister and I (yes Melissa, you. That in-law stuff is just silly) decided that we would get control of our crazy unglued emotions this fall and join the Melissa Taylor Online Bible Study through the book Unglued. And so I started my morning. Unglued. The Beginning.

A wonderful time in reading, prayer, and reading through the comments of other women out there that were…ehemm, ARE struggling with anger and outbursts. I was so invested into my time in the study that I completely neglected getting my children, or even myself for that matter, ready for our day.

And then it hit me… “Shoot! I have to leave in 20 minutes!” Then the hustle-bustle, and yes, outbursts, began. “No, I don’t have time to make you breakfast. You just have to wait for your father.” “Go sit down and leave me alone. I’m trying to get ready!” Oh the joys of being a working mother with toddlers…AND with problems controlling my emotions!

In the midst of trying to be Superwoman–wife, mother, full time employee, full time student, and in ministry–I continue to stuff and explode, or not prepare accordingly and explode at others, or spend too much time reading Unglued of all things and explode at my children who only want me to give them as much attention as I have given to a silly book (no offense Lysa).

This week, I’m going to start anew. This week I am going to continue on my journey of imperfect progress to make wise choices in the midst of raw emotions…BUT…I’m not going to do it at the cost of my relationship with my children.  For as I have learned from many of Lysa’s tales, our children our learning from us. My children are learning from me. And my emotional outbursts will be their future patterns of living if I am not careful.

So here goes…

Let us also lay aside every weight and sin which clings so closely,
and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.
Hebrews 12:1b (ESV)

2 thoughts on “Unglued…The Beginning

  1. Exactly true. I speak from experience. I was, of course, quite a witch at times and not so perfect as I would have had people believe. Yes, broken, glued and unglued most of the time. But for the grace of God, my precious children, none of you would have survived. But, the grace of God was at work and I praise his name that you indeed are thriving.

  2. I too am that full time working mom of a 5 1/2 (according to her you have to have the 1/2) and a 2 1/2 year old son. My unglued times are in the evenings around bed time. Fighting with a five year old about clothes should be ridiculous right, but here I am almost daily doing it. I too want to start over again…and probably again next week…. and again. Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy that is renewed everyday and I pray our children will have grace and mercy on us as well and have forgiveness for us in their precious little hearts! I want to teach them how to deal with raw emotions in “wise” ways and not be retroactive about it. I want to take captive those thoughts before they are carried out into burst of anger and unpleasant emotions. Will be praying for you.

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