Sadie Rose…That is Your Name.

Sadie Rose enjoys an ice cream cone at Lake Gregory | June 10, 2012

My precious Sadie Rose. How little I have taken time to reflect on the beautiful gift that you are. Every day you teach me more and more of what it means to be a good mother.

You are tender hearted caring and concerned for others, always recognizing when others are hurting, sad, or disappointed. It is as though you can read their hearts, and yours break alongs with theirs. Your heart is also hurt easily, and you are clearly honest by stating, “My heart is hurting.” From you I have learned what it means to love, to hug, to hold hands, to spend time together, to say hello to strangers, and to smile.

You are adventurous, eager to learn, and ready to experience life. You love to help Mommy cook in the kitchen, breaking asparagus, or cracking open eggs (Remember, we crack open eggs. Not squish eggs.). You are a daring swimmer, even though you cannot swim. You approach every dog and puppy as though they are your best friend. You like to go for walks, learn about new flowers and new places, and as you continually remind us, “Let’s see what happens.” From you I have learned to throw caution to the wind, be courageous, and to accept new adventures with a smile.

You are absolutely brilliant. You memorize songs and verses so quickly. You learn routines for each day and can follow them with ease. You understand complex concepts and can articulate them with beautiful words. You love to read. Love to watch movies that teach lessons of old–like Heidi, Pollyanna, Old Yeller, Anne of Green Gables, and Little House on the Prairie. And you love to teach others all the wonderful things that you know. From you I have learned the joy of learning, and the joy of delighting in something that we know and can share with others.

My dear Sadie Rose…I love you. Thank you for teaching me about life.

Sadie Rose
That is your name.
Princess Rose
We’re so glad because you came.

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