The First Day: A Success!

We made it through the first day of preschool. A few tears of joy from Mommy and Grandma, and a few hesitant nerves from Sadie Rose right in the beginning. But we dropped her off, said our goodbyes (rather quickly I might say), and I headed off to a day at work. Daddy picked up Sadie Rose just shortly after lunch (she is only doing a 1/2 day for the summer). When I returned in the evening, she shared with me wonderful stories of playing with the dollies, playing outside in the water, playing with her new friend Rylea (“A new Rylea. Not my Rylea at church.”), and “not playing with the boys.”

A great idea to start the school year. (Thanks Pinterest)

When we arrived at Temple Beth El Child Development Center Sadie Rose was very excited…well, at least she was excited in the parking lot. The closer we walked to the classroom the more anxious she became and the tighter she clung to Mommy’s legs, making it just slightly difficult to walk. But as we slowly inched our way into the Penguin’s classroom she became quite interested in the fish tank.

Sadie Rose loved to look at the fish.

It was only after staring at the fish for a few minutes that she let me take her backpack off and unpack her lunch and change of clothes in to her cubby. And soon, she was exploring the toys on the table and making a new friend.

Sadie Rose enjoyed playing with magnets and magnifying glasses (never mind Dani in the bottom corner. She was convinced this classroom was all about her.)

Yes, a good day. I learned from Daddy later into the evening that Sadie Rose received almost a perfect report from her teachers. Only two hiccups–first, she didn’t want to clean up her toys when it was time to go outside and play because she didn’t know there was an outside to play in; then, she didn’t want to line up to go outside because she didn’t understand why (now that the toys were cleaned up) why she couldn’t just go straight outside. I can totally understand the line issue…I mean, she WAS born in Korea.

As a working mom, I know that I am struggling not being able to fully participate in Sadie Rose going to and coming from preschool. While I was able to get time off for her first day, I don’t have the freedom to go to work 2 hours late each morning. And unfortunately, because she is on a half day schedule I don’t get to pick her up at lunch time. Instead, I will have to settle for leftovers–leftover excitement, leftover stories, and leftover art and craft projects. At least this is how I feel right now. I am looking forward to the days when both our schedules allow me to drop her off and pick her up…or even better…never leave our home and delight in homeschooling in our dining room, kitchen, and backyard. Oh to dream. For now, however, I am blessed that she is at a wonderful school with caring teachers and great opportunities to learn and grow.

Tomorrow will be her second day at preschool. We are praying for another day of success…for all of us. Now, off to make another Butterfly snack with grapes and goldfish. Definitely a hit.

The 1st Day of Preschool

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