29…and still going…

Yesterday, I turned 29 years old. It was a special day. Why? Because it officially marked the 1 year mark until 30. I now have only one year to complete all of my “Before 30…” goals. Doesn’t everyone have a list of goals to complete before the age of 30? Many moons ago I wrote down a list of the things I wanted to accomplish in my life before I turned 30–I have since then been unable to find the list given that it was mixed in a plethora of journal pages ripped out after the breaking of an awful relationship long ago. No matter…moving on.

I was challenged to make the list by my three brothers who for many years while I was growing up would comment about the things they longed to do before turning 30. While my brothers have long passed this mile marker (he he he…I’m a few years younger), I was inspired to write my own list and move towards the big 3-0. On the list…

1. Get Married – Check
2. Have kids – Check
3. Live overseas – Check
4. Get my law degree – Check
5. Become a Professor
6. Write a book
7. Own a cafe
8. Tour as a speaker for women
… and a few others I can’t remember.

Some of these have been completed. Some have been moved to the Bucket List (a list of To Dos before I die…but that’s for another blog). And some are currently in the works.

Yes, I am 29, and still going. Still moving forward with dreams, ambitions, loves, and passions. My husband loves me more than the day we were married, and my children think that I’m still young and energetic…well, at least for a few more years. I praise the Lord for each new day, each new opportunity, and a new year ahead.

One thought on “29…and still going…

  1. First, and for most, I Love You! This is great! I love the positive overtones and I love the honesty-true-to-forme. You will be 30, like I, ἀλλα! “count it all joy, when you are grieved by various temptations & trials…”Πᾶσαν χαραν ἡγήσασθε, ἁδελφοί μου, ὅταν πειρασμοῖς περιπέσητε ποικίλοςις, γινώσκοντες ὅτι τό δοκίμιον ὑμῶν τῆς πίστςως κατεδργάζται ὑπομονήν.”

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