Celebrating One Year…

Today, I am celebrating one year at the College of Allied Health. I have worked as the administrative assistant at the College since February 7, 2012. This has been a wonderful blessing and I have come to love my work more and more. Yes, there are days when I would much rather be curled up in bed, or home cuddling and playing with my precious Sadie Rose and Dani, but I believe that God has brought me here to the college for a reason.

I see this reason come to life each day as students, staff, and faculty come into my office. Everyone has a need and an agenda. I have the wonderful opportunity to minister to those needs as able. It might just be a simple direction given to help someone who is lost on campus. Or it might be some counseling for a student that radically changes the educational and career path they have chosen. My favorite times are those moments when I get to sit with a student and share with them the love of Jesus. I am blessed to be at an institution where I can freely speak about the Word of God and its transforming power for each of us.

I am excited to see where this next year takes me. New tasks? New projects? More traveling? A raise? Regardless of the circumstances ahead, I am blessed for this year.

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